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End -THIS- occupation!
This is a forum for discussing cop crimes, cop criminals, and anti-brutality / anti-cop organizing efforts. Expected posts consist of (but are not limited to):
-News on incidents of brutality
-Articles / studies on trends of brutality
-Stories of cops being brought to justice (Rare, I know), or evading justice
-Notifications of anti-cop / anti-brutality demonstrations or movements
-Resources for anti-cop / pro-community organizing
-Anti-cop humor

Debates are not discouraged (and will likely happen often), however this is not a debate centered community. The official stance is as follows:
Cop crimes and cop bigotry are deep-seeded and institutional, making police agencies non-reformable and non-redeemable. The state monopoly on violence denies people the right to self-defense, and encourages further reliance on state agencies for protection. The only solution is the abolition of the police system and prison network, with community-based, publicly accountable alternatives to provide protection for those individuals in special danger.
Posts and participants do not need to reflect this sponsored view.

This community defines "cop" as any agent of a domestic government agency (or government agency acting in the domestic sphere), in any country, whose job is to enforce the status quo through use of force. Example agencies in the U.S. include:
-Local police, County Sheriffs and State Patrol
-SWAT Team / Other specialized para-military units
-Federal investigative agencies (FBI, ATF, DEA)
-Immigration enforcement agents (ICE)
-Prison/jail staff
-Military police
-Corporate security / Rent-a-cops
-Private contractors supplementing domestic police (Wackenhut, Blackwater)
-College campus police
This does not include foreign investigative agencies (CIA), unless caught acting in the domestic sphere, or foreign military occupation soldiers

-Stay on topic
-Be respectful
-Use LJ-cuts on long entries

Do not:
-Violate LJ TOS or generally accepted terms of community involvement
-Be disruptive
The moderators reserve the right to ban anyone for violating any of these terms.


Police snipers situate on a rooftop overlooking peaceful anti-war demonstrators at the Port of Tacoma.
Photo by Rob Whitlock - March 12, 2007.

Olympia demonstrators tell motorists what they really think about the police.
Photo by Jami Williams - August 7, 2007.

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